Friday, June 19, 2009

A look at some notable players selected in UFL Draft

So the United Football League held a draft yesterday and I'm sure you've been hanging on the edge of your seat to see the results. According to Chris Mortensen (so who knows if it's really true) each team had already signed 20 players and this draft was to fill out the rosters with remaining players available who had worked out in Orlando and Las Vegas.

Notable players selected (and by notable I mean guys you may have heard of) include:

Las Vegas
- Adam Archuleta, LB/S
- Adrian Awasom, DE

New York
- LaBrandon Toefield, RB

- Brooks Bollinger, QB
- Mike Doss, S
- Chris Perry, RB
- Jermaine Wiggins, TE

San Francisco
- Femi Ayanbadejo, RB
- BJ Sams, WR

Not a bad group of names there, actually. Doss and Archuleta had pretty good NFL careers, while Toefield and Perry got a good sniff of the league. These players aren't guaranteed to play in the UFL but each franchise now owns the rights to those players should they decide to play.

Some other notable former NFL guys will be playing in the UFL, like JP Losman, Tim Rattay and Quinn Gray, so it shouldn't be awful. But with only four teams how good can it really be?

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Anonymous said...

with only four teams it will eliminate the horrible football we watched in europe and the xfl. four teams equals less players, which means the talented players to the sucky players ratio is better and therefore we get better football. who cares if its only four teams.