Saturday, June 13, 2009

The inner monologue of a Yankees fan as they beat Mets on Castillo error

Okay, come on A-Rod. A base hit ties it, a double could win it. Time to be a hero... Son of a bitch, A-Rod! Game over. Imagine if he dropped it, haha. Yeah right. Wait, he's drifting. Sweet baby Jesus, he dropped it! Oh my! Tex is scoring from first?! Yankees win?!

I don't know if that's exactly what was going through everyone's head, but it's certainly what was going through mine. K-Rod had already started his usual Native American tribal victory dance as the ball went up in the air, A-Rod slammed the bat in disgust, and the Mets were about to go home winners, doing it against the greatest closer of all time.

Instead, it's another horribly embarrassing Mets loss. Making matters worse, Castillo threw it to second after he recovered the drop, probably thinking he didn't have enough time to get up and throw home and the cutoff play would work.

And you have to give it up to Mark Teixeira, hustling that play out even though everyone figured the game was over. He scored from first on a pop up, which would have been impressive for a speedy guy like Brett Gardner, but even more so for Tex who doesn't run well.

But as we keep everything in perspective, it was only a game in June. Yet this is another in the myriad ways the Mets seem to keep finding to lose ballgames. The Daniel Murphy dropped fly ball in left field. Ryan Church misses third base attempting to score the game winning run in Los Angeles. And now this, a third straight tough loss when the Metro's were winning late in the game.

For the Yankees it's a gift that they so desperately needed after being swept by the Sawx to go down 0-8 to them on the season. But they'll take it. As our friend (and Mets fan) Stuart Millstein always says, "A win is a win."

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