Monday, June 15, 2009

Dropping Links: Monday, June 15th

No posting until Wednesday at the earliest (but more likely Thursday) since I'll be away from the BlogCave for a few days. Be sure to check out all the fine blogs listed in the Blogroll to the right in my absence and visit again soon for some freshly squeezed posts!

Lakers drop Magic in five games to win Phil Jackson's 10th title ||
The Shaq-to-Cavaliers trade talks are heating up again |FOX|
Yankees crush Santana en route to series win against Mets ||
Injury postpones Floyd Mayweather's July 18th ring return |CBS|

A first hand account of Luis Castillo's dropped pop up |The Cooch's Rant|
A look at this year's MLB draftees with famous relatives |Big League Stew|
ProFootballTalk and NBC form historic partnership |WatchDog|

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