Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 NBA Draft Live Blog

Welcome to our NBA Draft Live Blog, the first ever live blog at Be sure to keep checking back for all my thoughts on tonight's developments. Feel free to leave a comment and I'll incorporate them into the live blog. You can also check out more updates on my Twitter page.

7:32pm: So much drama and suspense. I wonder who the Clippers will take! Okay, seriously David Stern, can you just stop talking so we can see who the No. 2 pick is?

7:38pm: Blake Griffin shockingly goes to the Clippers at No. 1. (I keed, I keed) Ken Berger of CBS is reporting that the Celtics have made inquiries about the #2 pick. I would guess Rajon Rondo could be involved in this deal since Memphis has been rumored to be looking at a point guard in the draft anyway.

7:45pm: Grizzlies take Hasheem the Dream. That could mean a trade of Darko to the Knicks could happen very soon. On a side note, was David Stern just going through puberty as he announced that pick?

7:51pm: James Harden at No. 3?!? I know a lot of people are high on this guy but I am certainly not one of them. The guy looks like he's playing in slow motion. This certainly changes things for Ricky Rubio, who probably goes next to the Kings.

7:57pm: There goes that scenario. Kings take Tyreke Evans out of Memphis. Now does Minnesota take Flynn and Curry, or Rubio and Curry?

8:03pm: Wolves snag Ricky Rubio so Curry is probably next, according to all the rumors we've been reading and hearing. Wow, a bunch of clever fans chanting "USA! USA!" Heckling is fine, but let's be creative at least, okay?

8:09pm: Jonny Flynn? Wow. The Timberwolves take two point guards, which means if Curry doesn't get snatched by the Warriors he will definitely be a Knick. I wonder if the Wolves taking two PGs has anything to do with a potential sign-and-trade deal that could happen in July, once those deals are allowed to be made.

8:15pm: Lots of sighs and sadness as the Warriors take Curry at No. 7. I'm not that high on Stephen Curry. I know he can shoot but he's not a great defender. Knicks are on the clock. I'd love to see them trade down here, but they might grab Henderson from Duke here.

8:20pm: Knicks nab Jordan Hill from Arizona. Could that mean David Lee will get traded once restricted free agents can be moved in July? Maybe that T'Wolves trade scenario is true after all.

8:23pm: Ken Berger says on his Twitter page that Hill may not be a Knick for long. There are some rumors Hill could be packaged in a deal for Ricky Rubio.

8:32pm: A little surprised at Brandon Jennings going No. 10 to the Bucks, only because his agent had advised him to stay away from the arena during the draft to avoid any embarrassment.

8:35pm: Rumors floating around now about a possible deal that would send Jordan Hill and Nate Robinson to Minny for Ricky Rubio. Not sure if that's a good deal for the Knicks or not. That is a deal that couldn't be done until July, I believe, because of the NBA's rules on trading restricted free agents.

8:38pm: Adrian Wojnarowski was right on the money as the Nets take Terrence Williams at No. 11.

8:41pm: A tweet from Kevin Love on Twitter: "im on the tredmill as we speak...gotta start running with these 2 point gods"

8:45pm: Proof Gerald Henderson will be a bust? Michael Jordan just drafted him.

8:51pm: I would have thought it was too high to take Hansbrough with any first round pick, so I'm astonished at this pick. But maybe Indiana is looking for the next Rik Smits.

8:56pm: Nice moment there as Brandon Jennings arrived at the draft to shake hands and get his photo snapped with the commish.

9:24pm: Things were moving along in rather boring fashion and then the Timberwolves took another point guard in Ty Lawson. There is almost certainly a trade in the works for one of the three rookie PGs.

9:30pm: K-Berg says Lawson pick was part of a trade to the Nuggets.

9:52pm: BJ Mullens started two games in his one-year career at Ohio State, but he's really big so he gets drafted in the first round. Makes sense why there are so many busts now, doesn't it?

10:15pm: Lakers on the clock now but it looks like it will be the Knicks' choice. Andy Katz is saying that rumored Darko-for-Q Rich trade is about to go down. I like that trade for the Knicks.

10:16pm: If that pick is in fact for the Knicks, I think Toney Douglas is a good fit for New York. That probably also signals the end of Nate Robinson's Knicks career.

10:36pm: We're getting into no-name territory now which is why it's even more surprising that DeJuan Blair and Chase Budinger haven't been drafted yet.

10:38pm: The Knicks-Grizzlies trade is now official. Knicks send Quentin Richardson and cash to Memphis for Darko Milicic.

10:50pm: DeJuan Blair finally gets drafted but not before his Pittsburgh teammate Sam Young.

10:54pm: It's official: Ty Lawson traded to the Nuggets for their 2010 first-round pick.

11:04pm: Forgot Jodie Meeks was still around. Pretty good pick at No. 41. Meeks is a shooter that can score in bunches and will fit in well with the rebuilding Bucks.

11:12pm: ESPN usually does a great job with big events but their coverage of the draft has been just awful. And enough with Dick Vitale. He must have said "When you look at [insert team or player name] you talk about..." 20 times in his last segment. Stu Scott has been horrendous, as could be expected. Ernie Johnson would have been a hundred times better tonight. Jay Bilas has been great, though, so I'll give credit where it's due.

11:27pm: Didn't see this coming: Taylor Griffin drafted at No. 48 by the Phoenix Suns.

12:06pm: Robert Dozier of Memphis is the last person drafted at No. 60 by the Miami Heat. It should be an interesting time now with a lot of big college names out there. Should be fun to see who ends up where as post-draft signings.

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