Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're not done with the Philadelphia sports fans debate just yet

You may remember last week when Skip Bayless was blasted on Philadelphia sports radio by Mike Missanelli. I wrote my thoughts on the subject, then Jeff from Philadelphia disagreed in a well-spoken diatribe. Now a third party, Steve Cuce, a fellow SUNY Cortland-ite and author of the blog "Cooch's Rant," weighs in. His thoughts are below.

I want to note that I'm huge a Dallas Cowboys fan and I don't like Skip Bayless by any means, so for me to even think he was mistreated is ironic to begin with. I mean Skip is just absurd with some things he says about the Cowboys and for him to call Troy Aikman gay is also ridiculous.

I mean first off Mike Missanelli sounded really unprofessional in the way he just straight up attacked Bayless. I see this is 950 ESPN in Philly and they're the "flag ship" station for sports just like WFAN 660 in NY. They're both sister stations. I don't think I've ever heard Mike Francesa or anyone on WFAN clearly go out of their way to call someone out in an interview like that. It just seemed to be very childish in the way Missanelli just went out and slammed Bayless. Granted Bayless played the "you're a nobody card," but the whole interview was like listening to two middle schoolers argue on the playground at recess.

I understand Philly fans are frustrated with their reputation, but you know what, you dig your own grave. Jeff made some good points, but regardless of the Santa Claus thing being 40 years ago, it still happened. Also to be fair, the material Skip mentioned about Philly fans in the '90's isn't the first time I've heard it. My father also has been a diehard Cowboys fan since the 1970's and when he went to games in Philly in the late 1980's/early 1990's he feared for his life. I've heard quite a few stories. I've been told for a long time Philly is by far the worst place and you know maybe people exaggerate here and there.

The event that sealed my opinion on Philly fans goes back to October of 1999. The 'Boys dynasty was fading and Michael Irvin suffered a neck injury at Veterans Stadium and he had to be carted off. Irvin was very close to being paralyzed for the rest of his life and you know what Philly Fans did? They CHEERED FOR CHRIST SAKE LIKE YOU WOULD IF YOUR TEAM SCORED A TOUCHDOWN. I don't care who it is on the opposing side, if you hate the other team or not. I would never under any circumstance, cheer against a player that I obviously didn't like because he had done well against my team in the past when he suffers a career ending injury.

I'm sorry, but that's despicable. You can try and tell me that was ten years ago, but it happened. I lost a lot of respect for Philly fans dating back to '99 and quite frankly you can't justify that at all. Here's a nice link (from in October '99) of how bad it really was....

I appreciate you giving your time to read my take on it and I did some research on my own too. Here's an answer to Philly fans who can't understand why people label them all the time.

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