Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Video: Vince McMahon confronts "Stan Kroenke" on WWE Raw

This was really a pathetic attempt at milking until the publicity's nipples were dry. Vince McMahon had promised to confront Stan Kroenke following the whole "Denver Debacle" and he did that last night on WWE's Monday Night Raw. Well, sort of.

As you would have guessed, it was a lookalike of Stan Kroenke. WWE even had lookalikes of Jack Nicholson, David Stern and Jerry Buss in the front row. Take a look.

How old are you, Vince? Seven? Kroenke's real name is Enos, so of course that led to the inevitable, sophomoric "Enos sounds like anus" jokes and even a few penis references. Very classy, Vince.

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