Monday, May 18, 2009

Tony Kornheiser will be replaced by Jon Gruden in MNF booth

I am one of the few people that didn't mind Tony Kornheiser as a broadcaster in the Monday Night Football booth. In fact, I like him a lot more than Ron Jaworski, but to each his own. Kornheiser has decided to step down from his announcing gig because he suffers from the same phobia as John Madden, although not nearly as bad. TK doesn't like to fly either.

Gruden will go directly from the sidelines to the press box and it does seem a bit strange that ESPN is going to again throw someone with no experience into their biggest broadcast. Gruden shouldn't do a bad job, though, and has been known to give some memorable soundbites as a coach.

The execs at ESPN are hoping he does the same in the booth.

Gruden and Jaws will undoubtedly turn the broadcast into a football lesson each week, a complete change from the presentation of Tony Kornheiser.

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