Sunday, May 10, 2009

Plenty of good seats available at Jose Canseco press conference

Jose Canseco called a press conference Thursday very soon after the Manny Ramirez-failed drug test story broke and, as you can tell, no one really cared to hear Canseco say "I told you so."

From the AP article about the presser:
Canseco spoke to a near-empty ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Only one reporter from The Associated Press, Canseco’s lawyer, a photographer and four camera crews attended the news conference. All but two of the 100 seats were empty.
As much as Canseco is a publicity-seeking, no class narc, he has been pretty much right on the money with everyone he has accused of juicing. We all laughed when he said A-Rod did and chuckled even more over the though of Manny on the 'roids. Now Canseco doesn't seem completely crazy, just a little crazy.

(Photo via The Sporting Blog)

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