Saturday, May 2, 2009

Politicians make asses of themselves again at BCS hearings

Oh, those silly representatives of the House's Energy and Commerce committee. Yesterday they turned into the publicity-snatching whores that politicians are when they met with the big shots from college football's BCS.

There was Rep. Joe Barton talking about how sad it is that "his team," Texas A&M, is never mentioned in the BCS talk, but maybe that "maybe with Coach Sherman, that will change." Then he compared the BCS to communism, saying that you can't fix it but must tear it down and start all over. Then Barton said his bill doesn't mandate a playoff, only insists that the final college game not be called the "national championship," which would be "false advertising."

Then Texas Rep. Gene Green brought a University of Houston football helmet with him, saying that he hopes that team will someday have a shot at a BCS bowl bid. Um, what?

The day ended with Barton demanding that the BCS work toward creating a playoff system or else Government would step in.

Personally, I think the BCS sucks too. But our government has a few more important things to worry about like, oh, the huge economic depression, swine flu and Iraq. But any time there is a sports controversy, it's a chance for these athletically past-their-prime manboys to finally get involved with the sports they admire.

So they waste government money, time and energy to grab some headlines for themselves. Surely that's what Barton was thinking when he suggested the BCS should drop the 'C' and call it "the BS system." Real classy, Mr. Representative.

Here's what I'd like to see: Have a hearing run by Mike Leach, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and any other college coaches that wanted. Then you bring in some Congressmen and Representatives of the House and ask them to change their policies. Like, not wasting tax money on ridiculous things like meetings about the BCS.

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