Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Philadelphia radio interview with Skip Bayless gets heated

On yesterday's First Take Skip Bayless made some comments about "Philly-style behavior" from the Dallas Mavericks' fans during the Nuggets-Mavs series. That angered Philadelphia radio host Mike Missanelli, who had Bayless on today's show to duke it out.

You can hear the audio of the interview here.

I hate to say it but I somewhat agree with Skip Bayless here. He comes on the radio to do an interview about Philadelphia football and gets blindsided by Missanelli. The radio DJ is basically blasting Bayless for making inaccurate statements just to get a reaction, and then he attacks Bayless... just do get a reaction.

He knows bloggers like me will run with it because, frankly, we're after page views. But Philly fans have done more than the happenings at the Vet 18 years ago to earn the stereotype of being rowdy and rude, like booing Santa Claus and Mike Schmidt. Even this year they boo'ed Adam Eaton at the Phillies' championship ring ceremony.

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Brian Rhodes said...

Hello there Tony, until today I have never read your site but doing some web searching I stumbled across it and found some very interesting stuff on here. One in particular was one of your posts on Philly fans and them cheering during there Michael Irvin incident. Being from Philly and an avid sports fan that day continues to be such a black eye for me and have since tried to differentiate myself from the rest of the fans base by acting, well, civilized at least a little bit. In not trying to sound like I am defending how a section of the fan base acts, I will say there are a lot of stories that come out that are just misunderstood. The Adam Eaton booing for instance in on such story. In 2007 Eaton signed a 3 year deal for $24 million and over the next two seasons (he never played the third after being released) he compiled a 13-18 record with an ERA over 6 and really did nothing to contribute to the Phillies success in those seasons and at $8 million a year was a total bust. Left of the post season roster both seasons he had the audacity to say "A lot of things went wrong, but a lot of things went right, too. I helped them get to the playoffs two years in a row, and obviously we won the World Series last year." And after being cut a month earlier STILL showed up for some reason, sporting a smug smile like he wanted this reaction on purpose. Point being, yes Philly has done some things over the years to draw criticism, but more of it is more justified than most people think. I also understand the sting of one player laying motionless on the carpet at The Vet to a sea of cheers has left irreplicable damage to a passionate city with many actual level headed fans.