Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeff from Philadelphia disagrees with city's perception

After I wrote a post about a radio interview between Mike Missanelli and Skip Bayless turning into a heated altercation, I received an e-mail from reader Jeff in Philadelphia. Here is what he had to say:


Let me preface this by saying that yes, I am from Philadelphia and yes, I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Either way, you are entitled to your opinion and thats fine with me but I thought I should let you know that your facts are a little off on your blog post about Skip Bayless and Mike Missanelli. First, Bayless did not call in to talk about football. I realize he made a comment about trading for Anquan Boldin when he first came on but according to Missanelli and his producer, Bayless knew exactly why they wanted him on the show. He was told that they wanted him to defend his choice of words on "First Take." Also, as a sidenote, Missanelli's producer says to the guests right before they are about to go on the air, "You are now on air with Mike Missanelli" so when Bayless says he doesn't know who he is talking to he is just trying to "big time" Missanelli. Second, Missanelli isn't "blasting Bayless for making inaccurate statements," he is blasting him for making ignorant and ill informed statements. He was trying to prove a point that it isn't just Philadelphia that has bad apples at sporting events so why should we be the ones that are the example of bad sportsmanship? After all, the whole argument started about behavior in Dallas. So why not "Dallas style?" Or how about the fan that died in San Francisco at a Giants game? So why not "San Francisco style?" Or how about in Los Angeles during the NLCS last year when Philly fans had weapons pulled on them in the parking lots after games? So why not "Los Angeles style?" Your last paragraph is exactly what Missanelli was talking about. You reference Santa Claus being booed, which happened 40 years ago! Let me repeat that - IT HAPPENED 40 YEARS AGO. And if you looked in to it a little bit you would know that the fans weren't booing Santa Claus - they were booing how poorly the team was playing. They were in the middle of another horrible season under a front office that couldn't have cared less. Next, Adam Eaton got booed because he had no business getting that ring and he knew it. The only reason he showed up was to rub it in the Phillies' fans' faces that he was getting a ring for doing absolutely nothing. Did you know that the Phillies asked him to go down to an instructional league earlier that season? No? Well this was his response when asked about it:

“I weighed my decision very carefully before I was given the opportunity. I was not going to make the playoff roster, obviously. I haven’t pitched in the big leagues since whenever, July. And they say, ‘Well, go down and get in shape.’ Give me a [expletive] break. What do you want me to say? You want me to swallow another pill? For what? Waste two weeks down here when I can go spend two weeks with my family? Yeah, sure, I’ll go up there for the World Series. Hey, I’m up on the float. ‘Boo, [expletive] you.’ Great. Would that be any fun for anybody? No. In that regard, not sharing it with my teammates. But it was nice to see them on TV. They’re world [bleeping] champs.”

Would you cheer that? He didn't even want to try to help himself make the playoff roster. And I noticed that you forgot to mention that Pat Burrell came back for that same ring ceremony and was moved to tears from the fans response. But that would go against our "Philly style, rude, crude behavior" wouldn't it? All I'm asking is that before you perpetuate the stereotype that Philly fans are worse than anyone else, check your facts. I appreciate you taking the time to read my side.



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