Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get ready for another whole summer of Brett Favre talk

According to several sources, Brett Favre will meet with Vikings head coach Brad Childress sometime this week regarding a possible comeback... again.

Great. Just what we need, another three months of hearing about how great Favre is, even though he really hasn't done anything special in over a decade. Another three months of discounting his horrible stats lately and chalking them up to injuries or pretending it's all okay because he "has fun out there."

At this point, honestly, Favre just seems like an insincere, selfish old bastard. He was the reason the Jets failed to make the playoffs last year with his terrible play down the stretch. In his own mind the Packers "ran him out of town," which is the main reason he wants to come back with the Vikings. He wanted to play for the Vikings last year but his little trick didn't work and now he wants to try to rub it in the Packers' face again.

What Favre did to the Packers is akin to telling your girlfriend you think it's best if you see other people, and then getting mad at her when she sleeps with someone else. You said you were retired, Brett, and when they decided that after the third time saying it you might be serious, they moved on. So you can't be mad that they didn't want you back after you had left them hanging once more.

And if I were a Vikings' fan, I would be crapping my pants right now. Why would you want Brett Favre to come in and throw pick after pick when all you need to do is manage the game and count on Adrian Peterson?

Either way, it's bound to happen. I'll believe Favre is retired when he's dead, and even then I wouldn't be so sure.

(Photoshopped image courtesy of LaZyDaN at the PurplePride.org Forums)

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