Friday, May 1, 2009

Dropping Links: Friday, May 1st

Bulls win in 3 OT's, push Celtics to Game Seven ||
Joe Paterno wants Big Ten to add 12th team. Confusing, I know. ||
With Dwight Howard out, Magic send Sixers home anyway |FOX|
The Saints will be in New Orleans until the distant future, year 2025 |CBS|
Tim Brown headlines list of 2009 College Football Hall of Fame inductees ||
Dodger Stadium will get its own zip code on June 1st ||

Cup stacking is becoming a major sport. Street hustlers rejoice! |Sports Biz|
Rookie 3rd round pick calls out Fred Smoot. Smoot replies, "I don't even know his name." |The Scores Report|
Glad I'm not the only one wondering how Lawrence Frank kept his job |No Guts, No Glory|
Newsday's Alan Hahn thinks aloud about a Shaq-to-NY scenario |The Knicks Fix|
Stephen A. Smith hit every ESPN outlet in his last day at "the leader" |Awful Announcing|

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