Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt reportedly furious with Manny Ramirez

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is "furious" with ManRam, according to reports, and is demanding that he speak with his teammates about his 50-game suspension. Manny said he might get around to it sometime after the Dodgers begin a road trip this week.

Speaking of fury, where is all the outcry over Manny's suspension? Sure, he wasn't suspended for using a steroid, but unless he was trying to get pregnant, there really is no other explanation for using hCG, other than because you recently stopped taking steroids. And, you know, men can't get pregnant. Well, men other than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior, of course.

Where is Manny's sitdown interview where he has to explain himself to Peter Gammons? When is his press conference where he is lambasted for not giving enough details? Where is the tell-all book with mostly made up "facts" from Selena Roberts?

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