Monday, May 18, 2009

Brett Favre continues to tarnish his already diminished legacy

The latest news regarding Brett Favre -- as you've almost certainly heard -- is that the "gunslinger" will most likely undergo surgery this week to repair his partially torn biceps, which would allow him to return to the NFL after six to eight weeks of recovery. Favre is scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews tomorrow. Sure, there's a chance that he just wants to fix his arm, so that he can push the lawnmower a little easier. But it's Brett Favre, after all.

This seems like another step in the direction of Favre being a Minnesota Viking this season. It also is one more move that makes the soon-to-be-40-year-old look like a selfish diva. He wants retribution on the Packers for moving on after he had told them he was retired.

He meant it that time, or so he said. He had his tearful retirement press conference and then came back, forced his way out of Green Bay and to the Jets. Then he almost singlehandedly knocked "Gang Green" out of playoff contention.

Favre then did his usual interviews, saying he really was done this time, that he just wanted to ride his tractor and wear his Wranglers. But then Favre got the itch, as he always does this time of year, and wants one more go.

Really, is this necessary? This reminds me of the old boxer who always says he has it in him to fight one more fight, and then goes out and gets completely embarrassed. Likely, that will be what happens to Favre.

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