Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winners and losers from Day One of the NFL Draft

It's hard to really say who the winners and losers are from yesterday's first two rounds of the NFL Draft since none of the guys have even stepped on an NFL field yet, but that's what blogging and sports writing is all about, so here goes.


San Francisco 49ers - Grabbing Michael Crabtree with the 10th pick, when no one thought he would slip past seven or eight, was a nice stroke of luck for the Niners, a team that was desperately in need of a big receiver. Add him to an offense that already features Frank Gore and San Francisco could do some things. Now they just need someone that can throw him the ball.

Minnesota Vikings - Say what you want about Percy Harvin, the marijuana issues and the "diva" attitude. But haven't we heard that before from about half of the NFL's receivers. If Harvin can walk the straight and narrow in the league, he can add something explosive to Minnesota's offense. Something more explosive, I should say, since they've already got Adrian Peterson.

Miami Dolphins - Todd McShay, among others, hated the pick of Pat White, a fast quarterback out of West Virginia who is projected to play some wide receiver in the NFL. But I think he fits perfectly with the Dolphins and their Wildcat scheme. They could even run an option offense at times, which is something rarely seen in the NFL, but then again so was the Wildcat.


New York Jets - Yes, they got their quarterback. And I know the Jets will be focused more on defense. But now they'll be throwing a young, unproven quarterback into the fire right away, which worked out last year for Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, but hasn't worked out for anyone else. Sanchez was an "okay" quarterback at the end of the college season and somehow skyrocketed between then and the draft. Makes you wonder.

Let's not forget that the Jets traded two picks and three players to get him too.

Oakland Raiders - The Raiders showed us all why they are often called the "Rai-Duhs" when they picked Darrius Heyward-Bey with the seventh pick in the first round, with Michael Crabtree still on the board. Many pundits thought Heyward-Bey would still be around late in the first round, late enough that the Giants were the team thought to be taking him at or near number 29.

But this is becoming almost typical for the Raiders. They did, after all, draft kicker Sebastian Janikowski in the first round in 2000.

Indianapolis Colts - This one isn't as straight forward. While I like the Donald Brown pick, I was surprised they didn't go with a receiver at number 27. Marvin Harrison is gone and Reggie Wayne needs some more help on the outside. They definitely needed help with Joseph Addai's health concerns and an unproven Mike Hart, I just thought they'd take either Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt there.

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