Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nick Swisher is becoming the Yankees' Brett Favre

We've read and heard a lot of things about Nick Swisher so far, like how he is always smiling and having fun out there, how he's goofy and likes to play loud music, and how he has brought life and enthusiasm to the clubhouse.

Sound familiar? Swisher doesn't model Wranglers and he isn't a "gunslinger," but he's quickly becoming the new Brett Favre.

The Yankees' announcers and beat writers are eating up everything this guy does, which is all well and good when he is producing. I'll admit, I'm eating it up too. For far too long the Yankees have been all business. But the minute he goes into a slump those same media types will be using all of those attributes against him to make an argument that he doesn't take the game seriously.

Then again, it's a game. So why shouldn't he be so happy?

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