Monday, April 20, 2009

Mets will erase Doc Gooden's autograph on Citi Field wall

While Doc Gooden was attending the Mets' Citi Field opener last week, he visited the Ebbets Club inside the stadium and signed a blank gray wall with a Sharpie, after someone suggested it.

Now the Mets want to remove the autograph with Mets' VP of media relations Jay Horwitz saying, "It's a brand-new building... No one is supposed to write on the wall. It's going to be erased."

Many Mets fans have already been upset, rightfully so, because the new stadium does very little to honor the Mets' history. There are statues outside the park that honor players who never played for the Mets and many of the high priced lounges are named after other New York stadiums, like the Ebbets Club.

This is only one more example of the bad job the Metropolitans have done. Instead of honoring fans of the Mets with Citi Field, they chose to honor the Wilpons, who own the team and always wished they owned the Dodgers instead.

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