Thursday, April 30, 2009

Media makes much ado about nothing once again regarding A-Rod

Selena Roberts' book about Alex Rodriguez is about to hit store shelves and there are new allegations claiming A-Rod may have done steroids in high school and while with the Yankees. The book, by the way, was supposed to come out in early April, but since Rodriguez was on the disabled list then, it wouldn't make sense to release it at that time. You know, for publicity's sake.

The book says that according to an unnamed high school teammate, A-Rod was on 'roids then. Another nameless teammate says A-Rod and Kevin Brown used HGH as Yankees.

But there is something I just don't get, can't wrap my head around, am having trouble comprehending.

A-Rod already admitted that he took banned substances during his career, so what does it matter when and where? If someone robs two banks or 30 banks, they are a criminal either way. Rodriguez will be considered a cheat, liar and a fraud forever, no matter how many years he abused performance enhancing drugs. Hall of Fame voters likely will shun him regardless.

Here's another thing I don't get: What is the real difference between steroids and other non-banned performance enhancing drugs, such as creatine? Is it because creatine, whey protein and other GNC products only make you a little bigger and stronger, while steroids make you a lot bigger and stronger? So you can artificially enhance yourself as an athlete, but only to a certain extent?

And one final curiosity of mine: Where were all the media pundits who are pouncing on steroid stories like buzzards on freshly deceased roadkill when they were standing in locker rooms themselves, interviewing sculpted Adonises like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds? That's right, they weren't talking about their obvious steroid use because baseball was finally relevant again, making them finally relevant again as beat writers and reporters.

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