Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dropping Links: April Fools' Day

After much thought, John Calipari leaves Memphis for Kentucky ||
Celtics shutting down Kevin Garnett for at least next four games |FOX|
Michael Vick will pay $6.5 mil back to Falcons, then get his release |CBS|
Fans say MLB games are too expensive, according to AP poll ||
Chipper Jones gets 3-year, $42 million contract extension with Braves ||

Two killed in Jonathan Vilma's Long Island condo |What About Bob?|
Dave Winfield joins ESPN's plethora of analysts on 'Baseball Tonight' |WatchDog|
A recap of all the terrible, horrible people that have gone to Duke |Tirico Suave|
Tommy Lasorda blinded by his man-crush on Mike Piazza |No Guts, No Glory|
A look at what CBS has in store for Final Four weekend |Fang's Bites|

Andre Iguodala's appearance on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' |NESW|

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