Monday, April 27, 2009

Dolphins envision Pat White as a quarterback

If you read my review of the winners and losers of the NFL Drafts first day, you know how I feel about the Dolphins and their choice in drafting Pat White. I thought he would fit nicely in their "Wildcat" system, but would also be used as a receiver at times.

Miami general manager Jeff Ireland sees it differently, according to this Dave Hyde article from the Sun-Sentinel, via Shutdown Corner.
Meaning the Wildcat offense has a new leader and is alive and well, right?

"Yes," Ireland said.

And White will work at receiver, where many NFL types saw him, right?

"He'll work at quarterback," Ireland said.


Ireland surely has something more in mind with White, something he's not letting on, something we'll have to see play out. But it's not as an impact receiver, because he was asked if White is a No. 1 or No. 2 receiver.

"No," Ireland said.

So the next question is more intriguing: How does Ireland envision the quarterback position with Henne and now White?

"They're going to be competing for the position," Ireland said.
It's hard to judge anything from what a GM says. They usually like to keep things close to the vest and things change quickly in the NFL. I like the move, though. I didn't see why Chad Henne should be guaranteed the starting job next year anyway and, if nothing else, this could light a fire in Henne and be better for the Dolphins in the long run.

But look at it this way: Even Chad Pennington went out wide as a receiver in certain sets last year, so Pat White is sure to do the same.

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