Friday, April 3, 2009

Cito Gaston is not Roger Clemens' biggest fan

During his usual daily sitdown with the media, Blue Jays current and former manager Cito Gaston was asked what he thought about comments in a new book about Roger Clemens that allege Clemens influenced the team's management to eventually fire Gaston.

Gaston hadn't read the book or heard the quote, but he doesn't seem to like "The Rocket" very much anyway, saying this:
"He's an a-----e himself. A complete a-----e," Gaston said with a chuckle. "And I'll say that loud, right in his face. It was all about him. Ain't about nobody else but him... When he's pitching, everyone's in the dugout pulling for him, but when he's not pitching he's not in the dugout," Gaston said. "I didn't feel like he supported his teammates as much as he wanted support."
Gaston went on to say that Clemens often went behind his back and he wishes he had confronted Clemens with these complaints during their two seasons together, but didn't.
"He wouldn't (confront me). One of us would have had an ass whuppin' that day," Gaston said. "It might have been me, but he still would have known I was there."
Clemens' trule colors havereally come out since Mitchell Report was released, little by little, and this is just one more example. And he used to be such a hero, such a role model, and everyone went gaga over him. It makes you wonder what all the other athletes we look up to are really like.

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