Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allen Iverson is handling his benching very well

Allen Iverson returned to the Detroit Pistons following a back injury and was put in a reserve role, coming off the bench for the team. After playing just under 18 minutes in his second game back, he had this to say about his new role:
"I won't do this again, in my career," Iverson said of his role as a role player with the Pistons. "I'll retire before I do this again. I would leave the game before I do this. I can't be effective like I know I can playing this way... It's just that I'm not used to it. Just not something I've had to do. Like I said, it's hard for me mentally and physically."
Here, Allen, let me get you a tissue. I understand it's such a mental strain, playing a game where you try to put a ball through a hoop and get paid millions for it.

So, it's hard to play well when you don't get a lot of minutes? With that, what he's basically saying is that 20 of the 40 minutes Iverson usually plays are spent warming up and he isn't playing well during that time?

This is what makes players like Allen Iverson and Terrell Owens who they are. They can't do anything that benefits the team unless it benefits them first.

Clearly, at this point in his career and with his injury issues, Iverson is not the player he once was and is more beneficial to the team as a reserve. But A.I. will have none of that. Here's a thought, Allen. Maybe they're trying to ease you back into the rotation since you're coming off an injury.

Nope. To Iverson and all the cocky athletes like him, it's just another example of "disrespect." Because, you know, Iverson has never done anything disrespectful in his life, like skipping practice.

(Hat tip to The Scores Report)

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