Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday Linkfest: March 8th

- Alex Rodriguez opts for arthroscopic surgery on his torn hip labrum and will miss 6-9 weeks following the procedure. On the bright side, that means A-Rod might only miss two weeks of the regular season. The down side, though, is that Alex could be bothered by nagging injuries from the surgery during the entire season, perhaps forcing him to have the major surgery that he intends to have at the end of the season a bit early.

- AC Milan and the LA Galaxy have agreed to a deal where they will both share David Beckham. Could Beckham make his desire to leave the MLS any more clear?

World Baseball Classic
- Pudge Rodriguez auditioned well for a new team, leading Puerto Rico past Panama.
- Venezuela knocked off Italy.
- The Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic 3-2. Manager Felipe Alou is full of excuses.
- Team USA drilled three home runs in 6-5 win over Canada.

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