Monday, March 9, 2009

David Beckham plans to own MLS team after career ends

David Beckham has been receiving some criticism for his move to AC Milan, splitting time with them and the LA Galaxy. Many critics says it seems like he is trying to wiggle his way out of his $250 million Galay contract.

Becks is saying that isn't the case at all, and even plans to exercise a clause in his contract that would give him stake in an MLS team once his career is over.
"I have an option to own an MLS franchise as soon as I finish playing and I will start that immediately," he told Reuters. "It is something that I'm really excited about and so hopefully that proves to a lot of people that I am committed to making the game bigger and better in the U.S."
So far Beckham hasn't done much to elevate the level of soccer in the United States, but he seems earnest in his desire. Or maybe it's because it is much cheaper to buy an MLS franchise than one of the European powerhouses. Either way, the game needs help to become popular in America and Beckham has the money and popularity to help.

(Quote via LA Times)

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