Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dan Orlovsky steps out of Detroit endzone and into Houston

Former Lions backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky has signed a three-year, $9.15 million deal with the Houston Texans, which includes a $2.4 million signing bonus.


The same guy who was 0-7 as a starter for Detroit and was most famous for not knowing where the endzone stopped is going to make $3.5 mils a year to be a backup? My favorite part of the Detroit Free Press article about it is this:
Orlovsky said last week he preferred to test free agency rather than accept the Lions’ offer to return as Daunte Culpepper’s backup. Orlovsky said then he did not understand why Culpepper was deemed the starter, especially because Orlovsky felt he outplayed Culpepper.
You're right, Dan. I can't think of any reason they would put Daunte Culpepper ahead of you. I mean, you did so much for Detroit.

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