Saturday, February 21, 2009

Would you take a chance on Michael Vick?

If you were the General Manager of one of the teams in need of a quarterback, what would you do? Would you give the soon-to-be-released criminal a look?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of adding Vick the Dogslayer to your team's roster.

Even though he hasn't played recently, his arm is most likely still stronger than many quarterbacks in the NFL. With a recent shift in offensive style in the league, Vick could be very good in a Wildcat-like system. His athleticism is tremendous and could probably be used in other positions, if a team were to convince him to switch to running back or wide receiver.

The most obvious con, though, is the massive public relations hit an organization would take for signing Vick. Even though he's served his time, people will be unlikely to forgive him. PETA would be protesting every single game. And Vick has a huge contract.

But with a convicted killer playing in the NFL in Leonard Little and another suspected killer in Ray Lewis, would it be that unrealistic to think Vick would be welcomed back? Those men aren't vilified anymore (except by me) and Lewis is even a hero and role model to many.

The one thing we should know by now is that it is all about winning. Whether you've cheated the game by using steroids, killed a person or slaughtered dogs, someone will give you a chance.

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