Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who will replace Brett Favre as Jets quarterback?

That is, if he stays retired.

Kellen Clemens would be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets if the season started today. They also have Brett Ratliff in the fold, who was impressive in a preseason game last August but didn't see any action during the regular season.

Jeff Garcia recently said he isn't in the Bucs' 2009 plans and he would be a logical fit in Rex Ryan's Ravens-style scheme. The Jets, with Ryan in command, will focus on defense and only request an offense that can score occasionally and not turn the ball over. Garcia is an efficient quarterback who doesn't "wow" you anymore, but can still get it done.

The downside to Garcia is that he is an aging quarterback that doesn't play like he used to, kind of like the one they're losing in Brett Favre.

The Patriots will never trade Matt Cassel to the Jets, so that idea is out, and the remaining crop of free agent quarterbacks includes Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins, each of whom are probably returning to their respective teams, and lower-level QBs like JP Losman, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller and Rex Grossman.

The Jets pick 17th in the first round of this year's NFL Draft, where they could possibly land Josh Freeman of Kansas State or Nate Davis from Ball State. Those players would have to be developed and given time to get through the growing pains of becoming an NFL quarterback. Then again, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan both had great rookie seasons, so you really never know.

It's either going to Garcia or a rookie for the Jets next season. Unless something happens with Donovan McNabb and he finally gets his Philadelphia exodus. Or would Woody Johnson and company roll the dice on Michael Vick?

(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America)

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