Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WFAN's Craig Carton blasts Newsday's Neil Best

Boomer Esiason's partner Craig Carton took a few shots at Newsday's Neil Best, also of WatchDog fame, during this morning's Boomer-Carton show. Carton was upset that Best did not mention him in an article about the new Yankee Stadium's obstructed views, claiming he brought the whole thing up on the radio show the week before.

Best says he first read about it in New York Magazine, which wrote about the topic in September.

Carton went on to call Best a "fraud," "hack," and "copycat." Ouch. Carton forget to mention that he himself is an arrogant copycat, trying to emulate Howard Stern with every fiber of his being.

Best's response on his WatchDog blog was priceless.
That's OK. I'm like A-Rod. People call me "fraud" all the time, but only to my face, in a joking sort of way. My editor often begins the day by saying, "Which Best is it going to be today, 'A-Best' or 'A-Fraud?'"

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