Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on the Alex Rodriguez-Peter Gammons interview

This will be my last post today regarding A-Rod... I think.

- Throughout most of the interview A-Rod seemed contrite and remorseful. At times, though, he seemed to be blaming others and even accused Selena Roberts of stalking him for "3 to 4 years." It was the smart move to come out with the truth, but he tried to skirt around a lot of it.

- If the pressure of playing in Texas with the huge contract was what pushed him to take steroids, or as he says a "banned substance," then are we to really expect that he wouldn't take them while playing for the Yankees?

- What was A-Rod looking at off to his right? He kept sharply turning to look in that direction, which made me wonder if someone was standing there helping him through.

- You can tell Rodriguez cares very much about his legacy and his accomplishments, which is why it was so powerful to see him admit his wrongdoing.

(Image courtesy Awful Announcing)

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