Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some other names that could be on the newest steroid list

This is all just speculation from my end, but consider this a form of prognostication. The only factors I'm using are my own suspicion and sharp increases/decreases in statistical production, either before or after 2003. Here's who I think could be on the list of 104 players that is sealed by the state of California, the same list that revealed Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003.

Andruw Jones
David Ortiz
Richie Sexson
Pedro Martinez
Javy Lopez
Jeff Bagwell
Barry Zito
Sammy Sosa
Roger Clemens
Barry Bonds
Pudge Rodriguez
Bret Boone
Gary Sheffield
Kenny Rogers
Mark Mulder
Andy Pettitte
Preston Wilson
Tim Hudson
Jarrod Washburn
Carlos Delgado
Jeromy Burnitz
Bartolo Colon
Carlos Lee
Mark Buehrle
Sidney Ponson
Eric Chavez
Richard Hidalgo
Dmitri Young
Trot Nixon

Anyone I'm forgetting? Add them in the comments section.

(Image courtesy MSN UK)


Anonymous said...

Other than a couple of pitchers (Pedro,Mulder and Hudson), nobody on the list would surprise me.

ChrisOrtega said...

I would be shocked if Pedro used...he has always been tiny and Papi does not look like a gym rat...Bit portly for that I think...