Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mike Francesa really needs to find a co-host

The guy is unbearable to listen to right now. It's just him, for six and a half hours, on his pulpit of self-righteousness, waving his hand at the producers like an orchestra conductor as he cuts callers off.

And then he says, "I never cut anyone off."

I never thought I'd miss Chris Russo this much. I'm thinking about getting a Sirius subscription again just to hear some excitement and an occasional change in speaking tone.

Then again, Mike's monotone soliloquies are good for lulling me into an afternoon nap.

1 comment: said...

When you come over to the SIRI side - please use my link :)

You mean Mike proclaiming anything and everything as truth is getting to you?

I'd rather have a host who actually listens...