Monday, February 16, 2009

Jesse Ventura calls for Bud Selig to be indicted

And he makes an excellent point. From FOX
"In the early '90s, the federal government came into pro wrestling and tried to put (WWE Chairman) Vince McMahon in prison for steroid use of wrestlers," Ventura told NBC's affiliate in Denver. "My question is: They've now determined 104 baseball players failed their steroid test in 2003 — 104. They indicted Vince McMahon, why aren't they indicting Bud Selig? He's the head of baseball, it happened on his watch."

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AKA Perry said...

Jesse has hit it on the head. If the gov't is going to get involved the same way that they did in wrestling, then go after the head man. And that man is Bud Selig. It did happen on his watch, and like they say, the captain goes down with the ship