Friday, February 6, 2009

Golfer sues course after losing eye from ricocheting ball

From the Associated Press, via Pomp Culture:
67-year-old Paul Sanchez sued Candia Woods Golf Links this week. In September of 2006, a ball he hit bounced off a yardage-marker and hit him in the right eye.

Sanchez argues the course did not warn him about the markers. He says they were too rigid to be safe for the course and improperly placed in the middle of the fairway.
I feel bad for the guy for losing his eye in a freak accident. But good Lord, what has this country come to? Now we have to warn people that hard objects are hard and might cause things to bounce off of them? Personally, I get pissed off when markers aren't in the middle of the fairway, where every golf-loving American citizen knows they belong.

Another question: How close was this guy standing to the marker when he hit the shot for it to bounce back into his face?

As I said, I feel for the guy. I enjoy both of my eyes and hope I can keep them for my whole life. And I know that, especially in this economy, everyone is looking for some cash. But as Dan Gilbert would say, this is "stupidiculous, idillogical and preposterageous."

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