Thursday, February 19, 2009

GNC not pleased with Alex Rodriguez

During A-Rod's interview with Peter Gammons and in Tuesday's press conference, Rodriguez mentioned GNC several times, referencing how he was "young and stupid" and that many of the products would trigger positive test results. (Don't mind that run-on sentence.)

The nutritional supplement company isn't very happy about being tied in with all this mess. From Newsday's Anthony Rieber:
"GNC does not sell illegal anabolic steroids," the statement said. "GNC is always troubled when an athlete who cheats himself and his profession attempts to implicitly or explicitly scapegoat another person or organization for his gross lapses in judgment, even if he was 'young and stupid' when it happened. GNC is confident that the public understands the difference between unlawful drugs that one's cousin has to inject into the body, and the legal, safe products for sale in its stores."
(Image courtesy Willowbrook Shopping Centre)

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