Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cricket team to change name amid Jewish and Muslim anger

A cricket team from the United Kingdom is being forced to change its name due to pressure from Jewish and Muslim groups. The Middlesex Crusaders, who have played under that name for the last ten years, will now be called the “Panthers,” after some said it was a reference to religious wars.

To be honest, the way things are going, I’m getting scared to even blog anymore. Almost anything can be made out to be sexist, racist, anti-religion and politically incorrect these days.

Friend of the blog Bob Mantz said it best in his entry on the subject:
Middlesex, which plays most of its home games at Lord’s in St John’s Wood, also might have to change Middlesex as it offends bisexuals, Lord's, as it offends religious people everywhere, and St John's Wood, well, because, he he, he said Wood.
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