Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rob Parker's inevitable resignation from Detroit News is official

You knew it was coming, eventually.

Rob Parker resigned from the Detroit News today, in the wake of his controversial media session with Rod Marinelli. Parker was blasted by many media members, most noticeably Terry Bradshaw and the Fox gang. The columnist apologized twice but Marinelli was still angered, saying nothing could crack him, apparently not even the worst season in NFL history.

So what's next for Parker? I'd say the odds are pretty good that he'll have a more prominent role on ESPN's First Take or he'll be writing on one of your favorite internet sports sites soon! (No, that doesn't mean tonyblogs.net, although the offer is on the table. I'd love to have you here, Rob!)

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loaner said...

the detroit news has for yearprided itself as one of the
most medicore newspapers and not
if is official. and who care
what a bonehead like terry bradshaw