Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the Tube: Jeff Xavier's brother doesn't like no-calls

You've probably seen this on ESPN and all over the interwebs, but it's an "On the Tube" kind of day here at, so why not keep the videos coming?

During yesterday's Providence-Marquette game, Jeff Xavier basically bumped his head into someone's outstretched arm and no foul was called. Jeff's brother, Jonathan, comes down through the crowd and onto the court to confront the referee.

What is most surprising to me is how easily the guy moseys right onto the court, stepping right over the Providence bench with no interruption. And who is the first person to try to stop him? A female graduate assistant of course! Great job with security, folks.

(Grazie, Bob's Blitz for the vid.)

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Bob Mantz said...

Didn't you like the excellent security too? Nice.