Thursday, January 29, 2009

Josh's Corner: The Super Bowl Story

Friend, LA correspondent and former CortSide co-host, Josh Garcia, is back with a look at Super Bowl XLIII. Josh is currently directing and producing videos for World Famous Aviators, so be sure to check that out after you've finished his column:

On the horizon is the greatest non-holiday celebration in our country. The Super Bowl, where friends and family gather nationwide to eat, drink and judge commercials. Oh yeah and there is the game. Tampa is the setting for Super Bowl XLIII, that’s 43 for you non-Romans.

Speaking of Tampa, much like the World Series when the Rays met the Phillies, the Super Bowl showcases a team that no one thought would be there against a much respected, powerful Pennsylvanian team. This is not any ordinary underdog though, led by wily of wiliest veterans Kurt Warner. He doesn’t have the flash, legs, youth or nickname like “Big Ben” but he has also been there before twice and he holds the record for most throwing yards at a Super Bowl (414). The nicknames that he could posses are Kurt “Pop” Warner, or Kurt “Time” Warner, or simply Kurt “the Flirt” as in flirting with a 2nd Super Bowl ring at the age of 37. It would be 10 years apart from when Kurt led the Rams and “the greatest show on turf” over the Titans in what has to be the best Super Bowl I have seen.

The Cardinals have finally reached the potential of their team. I know Tony was a big fan of them the last couple of years only to be disappointed and mocked when they haven’t lived up to their expectations. They were the first team to clinch their division this year and they took a nap towards the end of the season but it must have been a power nap because ever since they have looked as impressive as a Doc Gooden curve back in ‘84. Larry Fitzgerald has cemented his place as the NFL’s best wide receiver and gives every ball boy all over the country something to aspire to be. His character has also shined through when news came out that he is willing to take less money - that’s right LESS money - so they can keep a top 10 receiver in Anquan Boldin. So not only is he the best receiver that deserves best receiver money but he is willing to take less for the greater good. It seems to be a running theme in Arizona.

Another good thing about the Cardinals making it to the Super Bowl is that Pat Tillman will be remembered in some fashion on Super Sunday. Whether they talk about how he gave up the money to fight for our country or what kind of leader or humanitarian he was, people will remember Pat Tillman. That’s another reason to root for the Cardinals. So I think I’ve made it clear what team I will be pulling for while I’m enjoying the company of friends, drinks and good food.

So remember what to watch for this Sunday: Can Kurt lead his team to victory? Will Larry Fitzgerald shine in the biggest spotlight possible? And can the Cardinals, after 61 years, win a championship for their city, for the underdogs and for Pat Tillman?

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