Friday, January 16, 2009

In shocking news, Jon Gruden fired by Tampa Bay Bucs


I really didn't see that one coming. Yes, the Bucs struggled down the stretch, but they were still better than some expected. I mean, they had Jeff Garcia at quarterback. Everyone says he's such a winner and leader, but all I can remember of him is coming up short, being called gay by Terrell Owens and whining about his situation with the five teams he's played for in ten years.

There was a lot of talent in Tampa Bay this year but two other teams made the playoffs out of the South. Tampa had the same number of wins as Philadelphia and Arizona, and had one win more than San Diego. All of those teams made the playoffs except the Bucs.

It has been seven seasons so maybe it was just time for a change. But there isn't anyone available who is better than "Chucky," unless the Bucs can somehow lure Bill Cowher or Mike Shanahan by also offering the GM position.

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