Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dropping Links: Tuesday, January 13th

More on the Eddy Curry harassment suit from Alan Hahn and Jim Baumbach |Newsday|
A tribute to Tony Dungy from the Indianapolis Star |IndyStar.com|
Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice headed to Cooperstown |MLB.com|
FSU’s Myron Rolle will attend Oxford this year, enter NFL Draft in ’10 |SI.com|
Roger Clemens and his ‘roids are back in the news |FOX Sports.com|

Late ‘80s/Early ‘90s sports fashion apparel confessions |Legend of Cecilio Guante|
Two grumpy old white guys will analyze NCAA tourney from Vegas |Awful Announcing|

Another pointless thing to be good at: Rollerblade slalom |afrojacks|

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