Monday, January 19, 2009

Coach K claims the media doesn't give Duke enough credit

Just take that headline in for a second...

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski is upset because some local newspapers haven't given Duke enough attention, in his opinion. I could go on for hours about how the media beats us over the head with Duke stories and tells us repeatedly how great a guy Coach K is. Instead, I'll let this quote from John Drescher, Executive Editor of The News & Observer, speak for itself:
Coach K, you've received a fair deal from us. To tell you the truth, we didn't know you cared about us. We thought you only cared about ESPN, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times.

Know this -- we love you, man. But like a good ref, we'll keep calling 'em like we see 'em.
Oh hell, why not continue to tarnish Coach K's reputation, with this tidbit from Newsday's Jim Baumbach:
This is the same coach who once became so irritated at a player-by-player report card that ran in the student newspaper that he called the student reporters into the arena for a meeting, brought them to the locker room, closed the door and proceeded to shout, scream and curse at them in front of his players. No joke.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Coach K. Duke is always good, has very few problems with its players, and therefore tends to get overlooked. The only major stories that are written anymore are the one's when Duke loses. Wow, thanks for that attention.

Anonymous said...

When Duke loses, it's front page news in the sports section. When Duke win's, it's a small article two pages back. I agree, they just do not get the recognition they deserve sometimes. I'm from Durham. and have pulled for Duke all my life. I've lived in Charlotte for the past 15yrs, and the Charlotte Observer does the same thing! I'm with you coach 100% on this one!!! GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Trey said...

Coach K is correct, as usual. The present state of sports media is absurd. At the begining of the season everyone was basically handing unc the title despite the fact that their players blasted Roy Williams last summer and they don't play defense.

The fact of the matter is that people love to hate Duke and so when Duke loses ESPN and other media outlets make it front page news because bashing Duke gets attention. When Duke wins, however, anyone who points out the good job they did get's labeled a 'homer' or 'biased'.

And if Coach K chewed out those student newspaper kids then he did so because they were adhering to the all to prevalent school of thought that good journalism should take a back seat to stuff that is provocative and attention grabbing.

Anonymous said...

Come on Trey, you don't really think that screaming at a bunch of college kids about an article in THE SCHOOL NEWSPAPER was a good idea, do you?!! The guy's won 3 national championships for cripes sake! He shouldn't care at all what they had to say. And doing it in front of his team was really low. He needs to stay focused on his team, not what other people outside his program think.