Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cardinals v. Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII

What a great day of football. The Eagles made it exciting in Arizona after what looked to be a blowout, but still came up short. Then the Steelers came out and made Joe Flacco look like a lost puppy.

It will be an interesting matchup in Tampa, with the Cardinals' high-powered passing attack going up against Pittsburgh's gritty, powerhouse defense. There are a lot of other interesting storylines in this one, which we'll be hearing more about during the two-week buildup to the big game, like Ken Whisenhunt being passed over for the Steelers job for Mike Tomlin, even though Whisenhunt was already on the Pittsburgh staff. Both coaches are young, making their first Super Bowl appearances, and have quarterbacks with previous championship rings.

We've also got the Kurt Warner story, which is an amazing one. He went from the AFL to NFL Super Bowl champion, to backup QB, to perhaps SB champion again. Ben Roethlisberger, on the other hand, is looking for his second ring in as many chances.

Get ready to be pelted in the head with these stories over and over again until February 1st.

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