Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cardinals make Panthers look like kittens in Carolina

Kurt Warner was huge and Larry Fitzgerald proved he is one of the best in the business in Arizona's 33-13 drubbing of the Panthers in Carolina. Tim Hightower and Edgerrin James combined for 133 yards rushing while the tandem everyone was talking about - DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart - only compiled 75 yards on the ground. These two teams played the most opposite style of football that can be played in one game.

While Warner and the Cards were models of efficiency and ball security, the Panthers coughed it up an incredible six times, all of them coming from Jake Delhomme, whose five interceptions were capped off by a lost fumble.

That was my main concern heading into this game. Which Jake Delhomme would we get? We didn't get the "game managing" Delhomme, we got the "Holy crap, I'm so lost out here!" Delhomme. Arizona's defense, which hasn't been talked about a lot, looked like a championship defense against the deer-in-headlights QB.

Heading into the postseason everyone, including me, thought the Cardinals were the weakest of any of the playoff teams. But now if the Eagles knock off the Giants, Arizona will have another home playoff game next week in the NFC Championship Game.

(Photo courtesy Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images / January 10, 2009)

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