Sunday, December 14, 2008

TO calls Ed Werder a liar, blames him for drama

Terrell Owens blamed ESPN's Ed Werder for stirring up the controversy around the rift between T.O. and Tony Romo during a postgame interview with Andrea Kremer. Owens even claimed that Werder made things up during the Sunday night interview following the Cowboys win over the Giants, 20-8.

I think Werder sleeps in a tent outside the Cowboys complex, waiting for any gossip he can get his hands on.

The real question, at least for me, is how will the "worldwide leader" report on what Owens said? And will Werder rebut? Okay, so that's two questions.

Update: Terrell Owens is now speaking about ESPN during his postgame press conference, saying that Ed Werder made it a tabloid story and that Werder's sources are telling "blatant lies." Owens says about Werder and his questionable sources, "To me that's a lack of professionalism, in my eyes."

Later, when asked if the suddenly friendly, smiley group of Owens, Jason Witten and Tony Romo are "The Triplets," Owens responded, "I don't know. What did Ed Werder say?" Shortly after, Owens claims everything Ed Werder said was a "tall tale."

I can't remember a time in recent history where a player openly called out a media outlet like this before. ESPN loves the Cowboys and covers them incessantly, which makes this all the more intriguing.

Update 2: After coming back from video of the press conference, John Buccigross made a joke about Owens' outfit while Neil Everett defended Werder's journalistic integrity. Trent Dilfer then made a great point, saying Owens should not be trying to play the victim in this case.

Okay, no more tabloid writing. This is a sports blog, right?

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