Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Steve Francis traded to Grizzlies. Wait, he's still in the NBA?!

Steve Francis will finally join the Grizzlies, over nine years after he refused to play for the Vancouver version of the team. "The Franchise" was traded today by the Houston Rockets to Memphis, along with a second-round pick, in exchange for a conditional 2011 pick from the Grizzlies.

Francis has not played at all this season after only playing in ten games in '07-'08, but will at least get minutes with Memphis. For the Rockets, it's mostly a move to shed some salary and clear up a roster spot, as it allows them to get under the NBA's luxury tax threshold. For Memphis, they get the pick back they regret trading away.

See? Everybody wins this holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Karma working around x-mas time alright.

C Mek said...

It seems like just a few years ago this guy was going head-to-head with Vince Carter in one of the best dunk contests ever.

Anonymous said...

steve francis is not a good player any more and needs to retire

Anonymous said...