Monday, December 8, 2008

Six Picks for Sunday - Week 14 results

After weeks of finishing with the same weekly total, I finally one-upped The Rooster, going 5-1 to his 4-2. Now I have a comfortable six game advantage with only three weeks remaining in the regular season. Here's a closer look at this week's results:

Tony Blogs: BAL, ATL, SF, MIA, PIT, NE
The Rooster: BAL, ATL, NYJ, MIA, PIT, NE

If you remember from last week's predictions, 49ers over Jets was my "upset special." Since that was the only game The Rooster and I disagreed on, it was the difference maker. Let's see the overall standings, shall we?

Tony Blogs (48-36)
The Rooster (42-42)

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