Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sean Avery should have been suspended by Stars, not NHL

An NHL post?!

Sean Avery's comments regarding several hockey players dating his ex-girlfriend (or something like that) were off-color, rude and sexist, but for the league to suspend him was wrong. The team certainly would have the right to, because this is only one of many things Avery has done to anger and embarrass people in the Stars organization.

That is probably why the NHL stepped in and did it for them. The league was waiting for any reason at all to suspend Avery. It's kind of like in the 2003 ALCS when Manny Ramirez charged Roger Clemens after a pitch that was high but not even close to his head. Manny wanted a reason to brawl because of earlier events in the game. Here, the NHL simply needs something tangible to warrant a suspension, and Avery gave it to them.

But I think it should have been in the team's hands. For the league, which promotes goonish alpha males and vicious fighting, to bypass the Stars and handle the matter as swiftly and harshly as they did is hypocritical.

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