Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Plax placed on non-football injury list; done for season

The Giants did the right thing Tuesday, suspending the new "gunslinger" Plaxico Burress four games and placing him on the non-football injury list, ending Burress' season and most likely his Giants career.

It would have been a horrible situation to have Burress remain with the team and would have made the Giants look greedy and hypocritical to keep Plaxico despite his criminal investigation. A distraction will remain because of the involvement of linebacker Antonio Pierce in the situation, but New York has been able to win despite the media storms and extra attention thus far.

What happens next for Plaxico is uncertain. The type of gun charge that guarantees a 3 1/2 year jail sentence is a level C felony, where the court would have to prove that Burress was intending to harm someone the night he accidentally shot himself. That would be very hard to prove and leaves room for the wide receiver to avoid jail time.

Burress was charged with the level C felony, even though a level D charge would have ensured a conviction of some level. Mayor Bloomberg clearly wants to treat Plaxico as harshly as they would any other criminal. The choice of the harder to convict level C felony may prove to be a bad one because it is possible Burress could still avoid jail time.

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John said...

Somehow this doesn't surprise me.