Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NFL Power Rankings: Week 13 edition

Back for another week of ranking the NFL's teams, top-to-bottom, in a pro wrestling format. The Main Event teams are the best of the league, as you would imagine. These are, in wrestling terms, the Heavyweight championship contenders. The mid-card tier is for teams who aren't quite there, but show a fight and have potential. Future Intercontinental champions, if you will. Then there are the jobbers, who really shouldn't even dress for the games anymore. Here is this week's 1-32 list. Enjoy.

Main Event
1| Giants (11-1) [1]: The G-Men have shown that no distraction is too big for them, powering past the Redskins and maintaining the top spot in our Power Rankings.

2| Titans (11-1) [3]: Bounced back from a loss to the NY Bretts with an absolute domination of the Lions on Thanksgiving. Is anyone surprised by that?

3| Buccaneers (9-3) [4]: Tampa slides up a spot after a divisional win against the on-again, off-again Saints. Nothing gaudy, but Jeff Garcia gets the job done.

4| Steelers (9-3) [5]: The Steelers looked revitalized on the road against the Patriots. The AFC is wide open right now and the Stillers know that. Time to rise up.

5| Colts (8-4) [6]: It wasn’t pretty, but the Colts got a ‘W’ this weekend. I’m not the biggest believer in them right now, but every time you count them out, they come right back.

6| Falcons (8-4) [7]: I can’t say enough about Matt Ryan. He is having one of the best QB rookie seasons ever and, with Michael Turner, has resurrected the franchise after one of their more embarrassing times.

7| Jets (8-4) [2]: A big drop for Gang Green, five spots down to number seven. That’s partially because I wasn’t sure if they even deserved to be #2 last week. Favre the usual, smiling and having a great time while throwing a pick and losing a fumble. The old gunslinger was back for one more day against the Broncos.

8| Panthers (9-3) [9]: I wasn’t sold on Carolina, until this weekend. I know beating the Packers isn’t anything to write home about but the Panthers are right near the top of the NFC.

9| Ravens (8-4) [12]: After getting blasted by the Giants, the Ravens have bounced back with two straight wins and are in playoff position, where no one thought they would be.

10| Cowboys (8-4) [13]: The ‘Boys looked strong against a horrible Seahawks team on Turkey Day, reinserting themselves in the NFC playoff picture.

11| Vikings (7-5) [14]
12| Patriots (7-5) [8]
13| Cardinals (7-5) [10]
14| Redskins (7-5) [11]
15| Dolphins (7-5) [16]
16| Broncos (7-5) [19]
17| Saints (7-6) [15]
18| Eagles (6-5-1) [21]
19| Bears (6-6) [17]
20| Bills (6-6) [18]
21| Packers (5-7) [20]
22| Texans (5-7) [25]

23| Browns (4-8) [23]
24| Chargers (4-8) [24]
25| Jaguars (4-8) [22]
26| 49ers (4-8) [27]
27| Chiefs (2-10) [28]
28| Raiders (3-9) [26]
29| Seahawks (2-10) [29]
30| Bengals (1-10-1) [30]
31| Rams (2-10) [31]
32| Lions (0-12) [32]

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